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Guarantees of Quality

Plant Ahead food products are free of all major allergens including nuts, corn, seeds, and gluten. Our products do use legumes in the form of concentrated pea, chickpea and potato proteins, so please check our labels for any specific dietary concerns.  


GMO Statement There are zero Genetically Modified ingredients used in Plant Ahead products. If requested, we can provide more cost-effective formulas using GMO-sourced oils; however, we do so only on a product-by-product basis, and only at the complete discretion and request of the client. 

Our Standards

           ISO 22000                  ISO 9001                  BRC                   IFS                  HALAL                   KOSHER                  GMP                    EN1276:1997                 EN14476:2013+A2:2019                 1650:2008+A1:2013                  ​


Vegan Society Trademark The word “vegan” and The Vegan Society were created in 1944, providing the original, authentic international “vegan” standard. In 1990, the Vegan Trademark was registered for the labeling of vegan products; this has helped people worldwide identify food products that are 100% free from animal ingredients. This trademark found on our packaged products offers you total confidence that our products meet all credentials necessary to claim animal-free status.

PAV_Circle U.png

Circle U Certification Kosher Certification is the stamp of kosher approval by a rabbinic agency verifying they have checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools, and machinery have no traces of non-kosher substances. Plant Ahead offers both Kosher and non-dairy/animal kosher Pareve certificates as well.


BRC Certification ISO 9001 is by far the world's most popular quality-management-system standard. The ISO 9001:2015 provides organizations with a set of processes that ensure a common-sense approach to the organization and management of a quality manufacturing process approach, which in turn provide products and services that meet customers' requirements.


Halal Certification Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. A Halal-certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law. Offering Halal-certified products allows Muslim consumers to be confident that the products they use are in alignment with their culture and beliefs.

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