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Classic sandwich melt performance
One-of-a-kind profile


We are excited to announce the introduction of our new dairy-alternative sandwich slices. Next-generation enjoyment that crushes traditional flavor norms.

PAV Herb Encrusted.png

Herb Encrusted

Creamy Italian

The earthy delight of herbs both silhouetted and infused in a one of a kind creamy sensation.

PAV Gouda_edited.jpg

Smoked Gouda

So distinct, so rich, so smoky, we turned a classic store-front cheese into a next generation marvel.  Guaranteed to rival your favorite dairy-based brand.

PAV Pepperjack.png


An initial up-front green-pepper note, followed by the lingering effect of classic capsicum heat, offering two distinct flavor impacts in a one-of-a-kind slice. WOW, that’s good stuff!

PAV Red Log.png

Cheddar Tomato


Classic mild Mediterranean cheddar topped with a fresh hint of tomato.

Round slices and logs

8-oz single-pack, 3.75-inch slices*

16-oz twin-pack, 3.75-inch slices*

14-inch x 3.75-inch round logs*

*all four profiles

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