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dynamically diverse


Offers the identical visual appeal and mouth bite of animal-based chicken.

A food service operator's dream come true.


Want superior

chicken flavor?

Marinate in vegan chicken broth and herbs overnight and seamlessly replace animal-based chicken to create 5-star, center-of-the-plate entrées and pasta dishes.

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Why not bathe in your

favorite marinade or dry rub?

Our plant-based chicken effortlessly absorbs and accentuates any flavor system to produce grilled, or battered & breaded chicken fingers that rival the flavor and mouth feel of an animal-based equivalent. 

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Craving a fresh bright

chicken salad?

Spin into your favorite vegan-mayo-based dressing and build the perfect salad or sandwich.

Delicious. Nutritious.  And never, ever vicious.

Two forms to choose from: Coarse breast-like strips or diced


10-lb bag 3/8” dice

20-lb bag coarse strip chunk

1400-lb chunk tote


Ingredients Water, pea protein isolate, canola oil, sodium alginate, contains 2% or less of citrus fiber & calcium chloride (used as a processing aid)

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